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Who can hire a 24 hour nurse

A so-called 24-hour caregiver takes over household and nursing tasks as soon as they can no longer do them themselves. Even if people in need of care do not want to go to a retirement home or a retirement home, all-round care in their own home is a valuable alternative. You can hire a so-called 24-hour nurse regardless of the degree of care.


People who need all-round care can usually no longer live alone in the home environment. People in need of care often have restricted mobility. In addition, they are no longer able to carry out all the tasks of daily life independently. It also makes sense to request individual care for diseases such as dementia or Alzheimer's or after a stroke.


A so-called 24-hour nurse can take over the complete care of a person in need of care. However, it can also be used to support and guide people towards independence, as long as this is possible.


People in need of care often live alone in a household. In order to ensure safety in emergencies, such as accidents or sudden illnesses, it makes sense to have on-site care. It is also possible to look after more than one person.


Advantages of 24-hour care

The advantages of a so-called  24-hour care are varied and convincing:


Relatives are relieved: In most cases, relatives have taken on the care in order to enable the person in need of care to continue living in their own home. However, since the care takes a lot of time, it is often not possible to manage this over a longer period of time. A so-called 24-hour nurse takes care of relatives, because they know that their loved ones are in caring hands. In addition, relatives have a permanent contact person.

Individual care:Thanks to 1:1 care, the care is tailored to your needs. The carer has more time if she only looks after one person and can therefore react more individually to the person to be cared for.

Maintaining independence:Persons in need of care with a higher level of care can continue to live in their own familiar home. A so-called 24-hour caregiver has the time not only to simply take on tasks, but can also patiently support the person in need of care in continuing to do many things themselves. In this way, independence can be maintained. Thanks to the 1:1 care, the nurse can respond to the person in need of care and provide individual support. Abilities are often reactivated in the process. The caregiver often helps people to help themselves. A so-called 24-hour nurse helps the person in need of care to stay physically, mentally and mentally fit.

Further participation in society: A so-called 24-hour caregiver enables the person in need of care to continue participating in everyday life by accompanying and transporting them. In addition, a caregiver also prevents loneliness in the house, as there is time for entertainment and board games.

Flexibility: A so-called 24-hour nurse can also be deployed at short notice, there are no longer waiting times. They can also be booked to bridge the gap. The tasks of a so-called 24-hour nurse are adapted to individual needs and can also be optimized and expanded by mutual agreement.

emergency situations: Should an emergency occur, rapid first aid is already on site and can intervene immediately.

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